Nadarajah Sethuruban from Norway is raising funds to re-create terrorists!! Danger to the Sri Lankan government!

After the end of the war in Sri Lanka, the Norwegian Sethurupan is taking steps to start another war. Terrorists who waged war with the Sri Lankan government before 2009 raised funds from Tamils around the world.Terrorists were wiped out in Sri Lanka after the final war. The funds of those terrorists were found to have accumulated to some Tamils in the world. The Tamils who had been raising funds for the terrorists later took possession of the funds. Sedurupan from Norway was ready to withdraw the funds and engage in terrorist activities. For that he did some tricks. Sethurupan began threatening Tamils who had amassed and owned terrorist funds. Sethu provided very little information about them to the Sri Lankan government’s intelligence unit. Families of relatives of Tamils who owned terrorist funds have been living in Sri Lanka. Sethurupan provided information to the Sri Lankan government’s intelligence service about Sri Lankan relatives of Tamils who handled terrorist funds abroad. Sri Lankan investigators went to the relatives’ homes and began an investigation. As a result, foreign Tamils who had raised funds for terrorist activities became frightened and began to fund Sethurupan. Unaware of Sethurupan’s tactical actions, Sri Lankan investigators believed that Sethurupan was helping to defeat terrorism. It has been reported that Sethurupan has also misused Sri Lankan embassy officials in Norway for his tactical operations. Sethurupan may have deceived Sri Lankan embassy officials in Norway and extorted money from foreign Tamils. Or he may have given some gifts to the officers and made them work for him.

The man in this photo is a key figure in fundraising for the LTTE in Norway.

His name is Suthan. Here is his information.


He has two wives. The first wife’s sister was a close friend of Pottu Amman, the LTTE’s intelligence chief. He also served as a leader in

Pottu Amman’s intelligence unit.           



Full details of elder wife Vathsala are given here.

No photo description available.

Second wife Tamilini .. Sudarshan’s father’s name is fake in his marriage certificate.

This is the bungalow that Suthan built in Negombo with the money of the LTTE. This bungalow is in the name of Suthan’s second wife Tamilini.


Suthan owns a large shopping mall in Norway.

Suthan bought the shop with LTTE money. It is reported that Suthan went to Sweden for LTTE operations and bought warships and sent them to the Vanni.


No photo description available.

When Sethurupan finds out that Suthan has the LTTE money, he threatens Suthan and keeps getting money from him. He is using that money for terrorist activities. Sethurupan is currently in hiding in Sri Lanka. At that time he also received money from Sethurupan’s wife Suthan.

If Sudarshan is brought to Sri Lanka and interrogated, many shocking information about Sethurupan will be released.

Sethurupan’s wife Latha

Sethurupan told some of his friends that a few investigators in Sri Lanka and some Sri Lankan embassy officials in Norway had received some material and financial assistance from him. Sethurupan has been using those officers to intimidate foreigners and raise funds for his terrorist activities. Therefore, the Tamil diaspora against terrorism is demanding that the Sri Lankan government launch a comprehensive investigation into Sethurupan’s terrorist activities.

Sethurupan with the Sri Lankan Embassy officer in Norway


The Sri Lankan embassy official who was close to the terrorist Sethurupan in Norway did not know the truth about him. Sethurupan himself became close to many in the guise of a journalist and used them for terrorist activities. The Sri Lankan embassy official was caught up in his conspiracy.

The terrorists have befriended Sri Lankan politicians and some officials and carried out various terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka through them. The assassination of former President Premadasa and the suicide bombings of current President Gotabhaya are suspected to have taken place in this manner.

It is strongly suspected that Sethurupan is working to carry out such an attack. All matters will come out if there is a full investigation in this regard.

Investigative journalist



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