Danger to important people including the President !! The terrorist has infiltrated in the BBS!!

A very cunning terrorist is operating in Sri Lanka. Nadaraja Sethurupan, popularly known as Uttai Sethu, was a prominent terrorist operating in Norway.

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We have mentioned in detail why Sethu infiltrated the BBS, the main organization of Buddhists, targeting Sri Lankan government officials.

Sethu, who worked to recreate the terrorists, first tried to lure Buddhist leaders into his trap. He carried out various tactical operations to turn them into his supporters. Sethu thought that the Sri Lankan government would not doubt him if the Buddhist leaders and religious leaders were friendly with him.

Sethu is also preparing to embezzle the money of LTTE leaders abroad, claiming that Sinhala Buddhist leaders are friendly to him.

How the BBS Chief Executive Officer Dilanthe Withanage fell into Sethu’s trap?

Sethu contacted Dilanthe Withanage by phone from Norway. Sethu told him that I was against the LTTE. Sethu also used some ministers and security officials for this purpose.

Thus Sethu came to Sri Lanka after gaining the friendship of Dilanthe Withanage. Sethu donated useless land in Jaffna to Dilanthe Withanage. That land is barren land. Sethu, who had given the barren land to Dilanthe Withanage for free, has owned many government lands near the land.
Karavetty Divisional Secretariat officials were also alarmed by Sethu’s action.

How can a Norwegian citizen give land to Dilanthe Withanage for free? Are there any provisions for this in Sri Lankan law? Doesn’t the PointPedro area lawyer who wrote this land deed know this?

Did Dilanthe Withanagehand over Sri Lanka to the terrorists for the barren land and meager concessions he got from Sethu?
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Sethu told Sri Lankan terrorists abroad that he had given land to Dilanthe Withanage and subdued him. Sethu told the terrorists to give several gifts to Dilanthe Withanage’s friends as well. Only then, he said, would I be able to approach the President through them.

Through Dilanthe Withanage’s friendship, Sethu planned to lure the TID unit and the police to his side so as not to arouse suspicion of his terrorist activities. Some Tamils in Norway say that Sethu received 350,000 Norwegian money from foreign terrorists through his wife for this operation. Sethu is making Dilanthe Withanage and his friends happy with that money. It is suspected that Sethu is pleasing Dilanthe Withanage and his friends with Norwegian money.

With Dilanthe Withanage’s friendship, Sethu threatens innocent Tamils abroad and prepares to embezzle money again. With that money he tends to build terrorism again.

Sethu arrived in Sri Lanka from Norway last January for a court hearing. Sethu, who claimed to be a journalist, has been involved in diverting troops and police in Sri Lanka.

Sethu is currently under investigation by the TID on suspicion of being involved in some unfortunate incidents in Sri Lanka. The court barred him from leaving the country. In such a situation, Sethu’s flirting with Dilanthe Withanage has made many people suspicious. Withanage’s association with a terrorist could pose a major threat to the country’s security.

Suicide bombings in Colombo in 2019 by Muslim terrorists in Sri Lanka. According to media reports, the terrorists were friendly with some Sinhala leaders.

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I will continue to publish many shocking information regarding Sethu’s terrorist activities.

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